ADIF Specifications

ADIF - Amateur Data Interchange Format - is an open standard for exchange of data between amateur radio software, services and websites.

ADIF specifications are prepared by the ADIF Developers Group, where requests can be raised, errors reported, and assistance provided.

Current Released Version

Version 3.1.4 is the current release version of the ADIF specification.

An annotated Version 3.1.4 is also available, which highlights changes between versions 3.1.4 and 3.1.3.

All Versions

314Released Version 3.1.4
313Released Version 3.1.3
312Released Version 3.1.2
311Released Version 3.1.1
310Released Version 3.1.0
309Released Version 3.0.9
308Released Version 3.0.8
307Released Version 3.0.7
306Released Version 3.0.6
305Released Version 3.0.5
304Released Version 3.0.4
303Released Version 3.0.3
ProposedProposed Versions
OlderOlder Versions

For convenience, the link will always redirect to the most recent released version of the ADIF Specification HTML file.
Additonally, the link will respond directly with the most recent released version of the ADIF Specification HTML file without a redirection.


Applications that want to access the most recent ADIF-related files (such as XML schemas) can read the text file adiflatestrelease.txt, which contains the version number of the most recent release as a 3-digit number, e.g. 314 represents ADIF Version 3.1.4.  (For reliability and performance, please download and use copies of the schema files.)

This can be used to construct the file names.  For example, the ADIF Version 3.1.4 ADX XML schema files are named:

Associated Websites Includes released specifications. Includes released and proposed specifications.
ADIF Developers Group The ADIF specification is produced by the ADIF Developers group ADIF Developers Group, which is open to developers of logging software, web sites, amateur radio applications, and others who have a vested interest in the ADIF standard and who will actively participate in its definition, maintenance, and promotion.
ADIF Voting Group Decisions are made by majority vote in the ADIF Voting group, with each application or service represented by exactly one ADIF Voting group member.
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